HVRS Runs Rollover MVA In The First Due
By Chief Engineer Greg Whitman
April 7, 2017

At 11:46, Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad, along with Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department, Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad and St. Mary's County Advanced Life Support were dispatched for a Motor Vehicle Accident at the intersection of Hollywood Road and Three Notch Road. Crews arrived on scene to find three vehicles involved, with one SUV on its side and a minivan with heavy damage to the front end. Crews went to work assessing the occupants of both vehicles. SQUAD-7 began extrication efforts on the SUV. Two patients were transported to the hospital for check-up.

Units: A-796
Mutual Aid: A-197, SQUAD-7, SQUAD-1, E-73, MEDIC-1, MEDIC-4