Cadets Drill With GATOR 79
By Chief Engineer Greg Whitman
February 26, 2017

Today the HVRS Cadets drilled with GATOR 79 with different scenarios. The first scenario involved a 6 year old female who had fallen from a tree in the woods with a possible broken arm. The second scenario involved a 6 year old female who was ejected from an ATV traveling 30 mph , not wearing a helmet and was unresponsive.

Cadets learned how to properly examine the patient, appropriate treatments, how to properly package the patient and how to transfer the patient to the Ambulance. The cadets did a fantastic job and had a great time learning about the apparatus and equipment we use in service to the community.

Units: GATOR 79, EMS 79, A-796

Bobby Burch February 27, 2017 at 9:28 AM
It's good to see how many young cadets that are helping in our community. This is tomorrow's future volunteers. Looking good !!